I was arrested for DUI but I was asleep in my car, what will happen?

I was parked in front of a Royal Farms after I dropped off a few friends and I was very tried. I was in a very deep sleep when the officers opened my car door and said there was an odor of alcohol in my car. I ask them since they think I'm not able to drive let me take a test which they refused and they were very rude. I was booked and charged for DUI. Will something like this hold up in court because I'm very upset and have never had this happen before. I don't want to go to jail what will happen in a situation like this?

It is impossible for an attorney to predict what might happen in your case without a lot more information. It appears that you refused the breath test. If this is correct, then you are facing a 120 day suspension of your driver's license (or privilege to drive if you are not a Maryland-licensed driver).

It also appears that you might have some defenses in your case, but an attorney would need to act quickly to start his/her investigation (many Royal Farms have video cameras, and securing a copy of the video may only be possible for a short period of time).

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