I was going with the flow of traffic, is that a valid defense?

Going with the flow of traffic is not a defense. Here in Maryland, especially along the interstates (I-70, I-95, I-695, I-195, I-795, etc.), 'the flow of traffic' is generally above the posted speed limit.

The way the speeding law is written (Transportation Article §21-801.1), as long as you are traveling above the posted speed limit, regardless of reason, you are technically guilty of speeding.

Even though many police officers don't issue citations for just a couple miles an hour over the limit, they are allowed to do so.

A police officer can only stop one vehicle at a time (unless the officer is working as part of a speed enforcement team, then they can collectively stop more than one vehicle at a time), so as many judges say "you were the unlucky one that day."

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