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How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Maryland​

If you have been charged in Maryland with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) or Driving While Impaired by Alcohol (DWI), do yourself a favor, and get the FREE guide, How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Maryland BEFORE you speak with ANY lawyer - INCLUDING ME, Scott Athen.

Get the 10 questions that you MUST ask a lawyer before you hire him or her

  • Who will be handling my case? (p. 8)
  • What is going to happen in my case? (p. 14)
  • How long have you been handling DUI cases? (p. 9)
  • How much is this going to cost me? (p. 13)

This book was an eye-opener that made me realize that not every lawyer was prepared to handle my DUI case. There are so many moving pieces to DUI cases and understanding them can be the difference between a PBJ and dropped charges. Reading this book helped me in choosing the right attorney for my situation to ensure that I was represented in the most advantageous way possible. Everyone should read this book, whether they have been charged with a DUI or not. It will give you the information you need to make an informed decision when choosing an attorney to represent you, regardless of the situation.

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The guide will also show you...

20 Ways That a Lawyer Can Lose a Potentially WINNABLE case

That's right! I will show you TWENTY different things that a lawyer might overlook in preparing for and or taking your case to trial, including:

  • How the Field Sobriety "Tests" are designed for you to FAIL (p. 26)
  • The breath test machine in your case may have LIED (p.32)
  • Dealing with the officer's question "How many drinks did you have tonight?" (p. 23)
  • How your weight may make the Field Sobriety Tests INVALID (p. 29)

You have only 10 days from the date the police officer stopped you to protect your driver's license.

You will also learn...

  • How to read the Intox EC/IR II breath test strip (the receipt-like printout with your breath test result)
  • The consequences you face at the Motor Vehicle Administration
  • The potential penalties for DUI/DWI in Maryland

If you have been arrested for DUI in Maryland you should contact Scott and at least request a free copy of his book on Maryland DUI from him. Written for the consumer, Scott walks you step by step through the legal process and a really cool methodology for choosing the right lawyer for you. You don't want to hire a "dump truck" lawyer. (Scott explains that term in his book!)

Benjamin Glass III
Personal Injury Attorney, Fairfax, VA

​The appearance of this book is long overdue. When you or someone you care about has received a DUI charge, the world becomes a scary place ... clear thinking becomes evasive. People need to be, and want to be, directed through the steps of the judicial system following a drinking related charge. “How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Maryland” will take you down the path so you end up with an attorney that will provide an effective structure to prepare for your court appearance, resulting in an end result that should be fair and just.

Thank you, Scott Athen ... this book will serve the public well!​

Bette Dolan
Licensed Addiction Counselor (Retired)

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