Does a penny under your tongue fool the breath test machine?

Prior to your taking a breath test, the breath test operator is required to check your mouth for any foreign objects. Even if you were able to sneak a penny under your tongue, it wouldn't have any effect on your breath test result. So in short, there really are no secret tricks to fooling the breath test machine – there are only ways that the breath test machine can for you.

Any foreign substance in your mouth could actually cause the breath test result to be higher rather than a lower, as demonstrated in this YouTube video by my friend and colleague Justin J. McShane, Esquire of The McShane Firm in Harrisburg, PA.

The harder you blow into the machine the higher your breath tester so is going to be. If you don't blow hard enough, the police may say that you didn't provide a sufficient breath sample which is the same as a refusal. The breath test machine that Maryland uses, the Intox EC/IR II requires a breath sample of at least 1.5 liters, or 1500 milliliters. If you provide 1499 milliliters of a breath sample is considered an insufficient sample.

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